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Cancer Cell Biology  Doctoral


What is Cancer Cell Biology at WVU like?


The Graduate Program in Cancer Cell Biology offers interdisciplinary biomedical research training leading to the Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. degrees. Research is focused on the molecular basis of cancer etiology, progression, and translational applications. We are one of 50 institutions recognized by the National Cancer Biology Training Consortium(CABTRAC).

Research interests include biochemical, molecular, and cellular basis of cancer origin and progression. Current research areas include the following:

  • Tumor Microenvironment: Tumor cell resistance to anoikis, effects of microenvironment on dormancy, stem cell regulation, leukemia/stromal interactions.
  • Mechanisms of Metastasis: Role of proteases in cell motility, signaling pathways in invasion and metastasis, imaging of metastasis in animal models.
  • Genetic Regulation of Cancer: Tumor suppressor genes and transcriptional regulation, post-translational modifications in transcriptional regulation, miRNA regulatory pathways in progression, epigenetics, HPV-driven cancers.
  • Nanotechnology and Cancer: Effects of nanoparticles on signal transduction pathways governing cancer growth and progression.
  • Signal Transduction in Cancer: Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in cancer growth and metastasis, non-receptor tyrosine kinases in cell adhesion and proliferation, ROS in tumor progression.
  • Cancer Bioinformatics: Biomarker classification in cancer, predictive models of carcinogenesis, secondary analysis of existing databases. Systems Biology in Cancer: Modeling signaling nodes in breast cancer, oncogenic pathway analysis.
  • Cancer Disparities in Appalachia: Biological models of Appalachian disparities, prevention and control, cancer registry analysis.
  • Cancer Therapeutics: High-throughput screening and novel drug discovery, applications and formulations, pre-clinical evaluation in animal models, immunotherapy.

Application Deadlines

Each graduate program sets their own term of admission and application deadline. Applicants can only apply for admission for the term displayed below. Any questions regarding the application deadline should be directed to the graduate program representative.

Fall: December 1

At a Glance

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    School of Medicine
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What are the requirements to apply for Cancer Cell Biology at WVU?

University Requirements

To be eligible for admission into a graduate program at WVU an applicant must submit official, bachelors degree transcripts from a regionally accredited institution and hold a GPA of at least 2.75.

WVU operates decentralized admissions. Decentralized admissions allows each graduate program to set its own application requirements in addition to the University requirements.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the Cancer Cell Biology graduate program an applicant must submit the following documentation:

  • Letters of Recommendation - Three
  • Résumé /CV
  • Statement of Purpose

Additional application considerations:

The personal statement should highlight your scientific interests, research experiences that informed these interests, your motivation for continuing your education and for choosing the Biomedical Sciences graduate programs at West Virginia University, and potential career goals. Applications without personal statements will not be reviewed. The personal statement is uploaded in the online application and should include the following:

1) Scientific Interests: • Describe how past experiences have motivated you to choose a career in science.

2) Research For each previous experience describe: • The scientific question • Your role • Results and conclusions • Length of the experience

3) Career Goals: • How does obtaining a PhD support your goals? • Describe role models or mentors that assisted in the discussion.

4) Additional experiences/information: • Significant service and leadership activities • Accomplishments and awards • Overcoming past problems or obstacles • Be sure to explain gaps in your resume

Certain application requirements may be waived based on a preliminary review of an application by program.

International Applicants must also submit the materials outlined here.

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