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DOWNLOAD OUR GUIDE: Everything You Need to Know About Applying to Graduate School at West Virginia University
If you’re thinking about applying to an advanced program at West Virginia University, we hope you’ll check out this guide for an in-depth look into the application process for WVU’s advanced programs.
Applying to Graduate School at WVU Guide

Estimate your costs

We did the math for you. Review the approximate cost of enrolling in your graduate program of interest by credit hour or semester.

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Tuition Rates

Looking for a ballpark figure? We've got you covered.

Tuition Rates Cost Per Year
In-state tuition & fees $10,098
Out-of-state tuition & fees $25,632
Room & board expenses $11,860

(Rates are subject to change. The listed costs are based on two semesters with a minimum of 12 credits each.)


WVU has 245 Graduate and Professional Programs, including graduate certificates.


Several of WVU's programs are ranked among the top 100 Graduate Schools according to U.S News & World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools. 


WVU students come to Morgantown from 108 nations, every West Virginia county and all 50 U.S. states (plus D.C.)

West Virginia is our home.

Here are some free resources to help you decide if it should also be yours.

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A Guide to Graduate Assistantships at West Virginia University        

This guide was designed to showcase the various graduate assistantships that students at West Virginia University can apply for while enrolled in an advanced academic program. We’ll discuss the benefits of a GA position, what kind of GA positions WVU offers, and next steps for applying to one. [Download the Guide]

Benefits of Research ColaborationThe Benefits of Research Collaboration at a Carnegie Research Institution

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education has classified approximately 146 U.S. institutions as having R1 status. R1 universities are at the forefront of research and innovation, and they receive federal or private funding specifically for their academic research.  R1 institutions are recognized as the best research universities in the country — and West Virginia University is one of them. [Explore the Resource]

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The GRE Cheat Sheet -           A Guide to Acing the GRE 

We scoured the web to find the most useful information, practice tests, and prep courses for the GRE available to you. That way, you can focus your time and energy on actually preparing for the GRE instead of spending hours figuring out how to prepare. [Access the Cheat Sheet]

Read More Tips and Tricks About Applying to Graduate School in The Summit Ahead!

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What Master's Degree Can I Get With an Unrelated Bachelor's?

A significant question that arises for career changers is, “can I get a master’s degree in a field unrelated to my bachelor’s degree?” The answer is yes! Choosing a career change in a field different from what you studied in your undergraduate years can help you bring a unique and fresh perspective to your desired field. 
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Woman Studying at a Desk

7 Errors NOT to Make When Applying To Graduate School

Here at West Virginia University, we're prepared and excited to help you in whatever way we can. And that's why we took the time to list out a few mistakes and faux pas that you should definitely avoid when applying to graduate school.
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Virtual Graduate Admissions Session: Wednesdays at 3:00pm EST

Our weekly Virtual Graduate Admissions Sessions will introduce you to the programs, people and places that make graduate life at WVU the experience of a lifetime. These sessions are held online via Zoom.
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Graduate Campus Tours: Fridays at 1:30pm EST

The WVU Visitors Centers welcome future Mountaineers with one of the most unique visit experiences in the country! We’ll introduce you to the programs, people and places that make being a Mountaineer the experience of a lifetime.

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Be sure to visit the   WVU Calendar  for a full list of important dates and campus events. The   Academic Calendar  also provides a quick, comprehensive look at important dates throughout the academic year. 
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